About us

When you need a courier or delivery service for confidential documents, specimens, bank deposits or just mail, you need so much more than a “local delivery company.” You need a professional, experienced company with systems, processes, and people that:

  • Ensure your material is safely and securely delivered on-time
  • Deliver your items in condition you sent them
  • Keep prying eyes and hands off your deliveries
  • We do conduct business in and with multi languages Staff Humans no robots

That’s where RCSllc shines! Unlike other service providers, RCSllc is subject to surprise security audits by a leading, independent information security organization in which our processes are tested to ensure compliance with healthcare (HIPAA) and financial (SOX) regulations. Not only that, our staff undergo rigorous background checks prior to hiring, drugs screening and are re-checked on an ongoing basis.

Our clients, including law firms, medical practices, small and large businesses, trust RCSllc to pick up and deliver their most important packages. Many of these same clients also use RCS llc  to safely store and manage their highly confidential document in our secure records centers.

What Do People Trust RCSllc to Pick Up & Deliver?

  • Medical records
  • Lab specimens
  • Morgue
  • Medical equipment
  • Rx or precription
  • Freight of all sizes, boxed or loose
  • Bank deposits
  • Inter-office and U.S. mail
  • Medical and office supplies
  • Legal documents and contracts
  • Court filings for attorneys
  • Blueprints
  • Computer backup tapes and drives
  • Financial documents