Delivering on Solutions

Freight Services Solutions

As a leader in the courier business, we are here to help our clients find the solutions they need to their transportation issues. Seattle, Portland, or any major Metro area can pose unique issues when it comes to having items delivered in a timely manner. Our team of dedicated professionals are here to help you figure out the problem and come up with a satisfactory solution. We offer affordable, safe transportation for all of your item

Services Advantages

  1. Our Order Taking – To be hired by our company, an individual must prove they are able to offer friendly and polite service, 100% of the time. They must be fast, efficient and competent service.
  2. The couriers have to take a route test, to show how well acquainted they are with the area they will be covering. They must also be proficient when using a Thomas Guide Map & GPS for all metro areas and the surrounding areas. Our carriers must be A+ rated of they want to work for us.
  3. We route our courier deliveries. – We take the time to route all of our deliveries. This makes sure we use the most efficient routes to save our clients both time and money.
  4. The technology our Courier Service is state of the art. With the high volume of business we do, we need technology to help us streamline all of our services.
  5. We offer a Satisfaction Guaranteed Messenger Service! – When you choose to use a new courier or messenger service, there can be some uncertainties as to how reputable they will be with YOUR products and freight. We offer each of our clients a satisfaction guarantee that our service will be impeccable or we will refund your money.
  6. Our service has been chosen after careful review by several of Seattle’s most trusted and respected businesses. They have continued to use Regional Courier Services and Freight Service because of our level of dedication to our customers’ and their needs.
  7. We accept all major credit cards. – When hire us as your messenger and courier service, you can pay your invoices over the phone. Just call our Headquarters in Spokane (509) 416-6490 We can also schedule your payments to be charged automatically through a credit card or bank account. Either way, you will receive a receipt in an email.