Law & Gov Service Mail

Secure Legal & Accounting Courier Delivery Services

Legal Filings

The dizzying array of procedures, protocols, and deadlines for legal filings can have anybody dotting their T’s and crossing their eyes. Luckily for you, our experienced courier service team can handle every aspect of it for you.

From multi-box, rushed-rush, specific instructions—our legal courier services can do it all.

With RCS specialized legal delivery service, you get:

  • Savvy couriers that understand court and agency protocols
  • Rushed-rush legal filing services
  • Unified services for up-to-the-minute status and notification


Accounting Service Deliveries

When it comes to taxes, let us do the heavy lifting. We guarantee secure transportation of all financial documents from your hands to the accountant’s, and back again (if needed) with our trained accounting document courier service.

With RCS courier delivery for accounting, you get:

  • Same-day delivery for all accounting and financial paperwork
  • Bonded delivery to ensure your financial data is secure in expert hands
  • Next-flight-out service for getting same-day delivery of financial documents the next available flight
  • Air freight delivery service if you need a little more time to get your documents together


Visa & Passport Processing and Delivery

Need your visa and passport processed? Our efficient couriers and office staff power a dedicated courier service team that will pick up your documents, run them through the processing gauntlet, and ensure your applications make it to every embassy and agency necessary before delivering them back to you.

With RCS courier services for visa & passport processing, you get:

  • Same-day pickup
  • An experienced ISO-certified team
  • Quick and careful visa and passport processing
  • Unified delivery services for up-to-the-minute status and notifications if problems arise

When you’re ready to get your visa and passport processed, just give us a call—we’ll get it done.