Messenger Service

Regular Messenger Service

If you have a deliver within an 11 mile radius, we can guarantee 1 to 2 hour turnaround courier service. We start our deliveries at 7 AM and run until 6 PM. After that time, a rush charge will be added. A regular delivery is one that does not require expedited service. This is extremely economical and we will guarantee that your item will be delivered in a timely fashion.

Rush Messenger Service

For deliveries within an 11 mile radius, we offer a 2 hour rush service that is extremely affordable. A rush delivery is needed if something must be delivered as soon as possible. These are priority deliveries that must be on time. Rush deliveries are guaranteed to arrive within 2 to 4 hours of pick up. Price will be determined by the time of day and distance. Call us today to find out our affordable rates.

Non Stop Messenger Service

We offer a non stop messenger service when your item must delivered straight from your door to the destination. With this type of delivery, there are no stops and we go from where we pick up directly to the destination. The time of day, distance and nature of the product will determine how long the delivery will take. Direct, non stop messenger service is more expensive but when your item needs to be delivered immediately, we have you covered.

Shuttle Messenger Service

The shuttle messenger service is a 5 to 6 hour messenger service that delivers to business areas of Los Angeles that are densely populated with either businesses or residences.