Mortuary Transport

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We are a trained, professional, prompt, removal  service which transports human remains for funeral homes,coroner’s offices, mortuary trade services and body donation programs.  We are on call 24- hours a day, 7 days a week.
We do conduct business in and with multi languages Staff Humans no robots
Since our humble beginning starting out with a used Chevy van with two mortuary cots, until today with six removal vans, 10 mortuary cots and two locations in Seattle, we have been truly blessed with support from Funeral Directors all over the state of Washington! Our dedication on being the “best we can be” has been our driving force to serve  Hospitals, Funeral Homes and families. From 290 calls that first year in 2006 to 7,350 calls for the year 2015, our service has been utilized with happy results and repeat customers
We NEVER charge a removal fee plus a per mileage fee, just one Price!

We NEVER charge a removal fee plus a per mileage fee, just one Price!

Regional Courier Services Mortuary Transport is NOT a funeral home. We are an independent, privately owned, transport service professionally trained included handling Muslim’s , Jewish Traditional & Religious Service as divers as we are we are blessed with some Muslim employees.
Since funeral homes must be a “known shipper” (as of July 1, 2009) to use airlines, we are receiving more calls for long distance transports. We are happy to offer our services for these types of transports. We do not “farm out “our work. Some have asked if we are associated with other mortuary firms in WA. The answer is no!   We are “independently owned” and  have worked very hard in providing our funeral directors prompt, dignified, reliable service.
There are “well known” mortuary services with-in the state that do not make their own removals .  They make a profit from you and they do not even touch the body that a family entrusts to your care.  Our staff makes every removal.
For transports to neighboring states to WA, a WA Death Certificate MUST be generated. A burial transit permit must be filed and be present with the body before we will cross state line for transport. will offer this service. We enforce this practice firmly! 
Bio-Seal is a new product that we are now offering. It is one of the greatest products that have been introduced to the mortuary business. This mini system is in all our removal vans and this service is available to your prep room or any location you wish. If you would like to schedule a transport, obtain a price quote or need additional information regarding mortuary transportation, Bio-Seal and embalming please feel free to email us at or simply call (509)416-6490
All phone calls to our office are answered by myself or staff members. We DO NOT use an answering service. We feel one of the biggest disappointments in the funeral business is calling a funeral home or mortuary service and not being able to talk to one of the staff members or managers who know of the daily operation or information of a death call. Sometimes you are put on hold and have to play “phone tag” for several minutes.   NOT WITH US!
Not happy with your present trade service? Please allow us to show you the proven traditions that were taught to us, that has made our success within the east Washington area. 
Remember, “When time is against you….We Are On Your Side”.
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                                                                                      We NEVER charge a removal fee plus a per mileage fee, just one Price!
We are not ashamed of our prices. Dependability, Honest, Promptness, Clean Removal Vans.