Rush Service

Pristine Deliver Service

Emergency  Pristine Delivery Services aka Rush Service

Time-sensitive materials require the utmost diligence and care to guarantee everything arrives quickly and in pristine condition. That’s why we ensure our professional pristine courier team is properly trained before taking on the delicate task of transporting urgent medical materials like blood work, pharmaceuticals, and lab specimens.

When it comes to our STAT delivery service, we adhere to federal, state, and our clients’ specific guidelines. All lab specimens are always transported in appropriate containers, such as multi-compartment coolers for ambient, chilled, or frozen samples.

From the pickup point to the processing facility, material integrity is managed and monitored with scanning and tracking devices that provide real-time reports. It’s this complete process chain that gives our clients the courier delivery service they seek and trust.

With RCS Pristine delivery service, you get:

  • Rapid response and on demand delivery
  • Climate-controlled delivery
  • Document control and return
  • Real-time tracking of your shipment with On-Trak™

When you’re in need of an express courier team who can safely and securely deliver your sensitive or delicate materials, call us—we’re ready to help.