Scheduled Service

On Time Delivery provides regularly scheduled deliveries based on customer needs at cost-effective prices. On Time Delivery offers pick-up and delivery of time-sensitive packages.

Do you need a specific route run everyday, once a week, or whenever one of your employees is absent? Best can provide an experienced uniformed courier to provide local or out of town route service. This is ideal for the company who wants to trim their own employee costs and still provide service and support to their organization and customers.

Do you have the need for courier services but don’t have the equipment or personnel? offers truck and driver rentals!Feel free to contact us to place an order or if you need more information.

We provide professional, uniformed drivers with ID badges.

  • Mail, post office pick-up and deliveries.
  • Interoffice, inter-facility routes.
  • Bank deposits.
  • Payroll pick-up and delivery.
  • Lab Work
  • Plasma Center