What We Do !

What We Do

At Regional Courier Services is a multi function Medical Transport / Courier and warehouse Delivery services, we offer the following guaranteed services:

  • Pharmaceutical deliveries: Record keeping that documents every step from wholesaler to retailer, and then on to the patient. We offer a complete chain of custody from start to finish throughout WA,ID,MT,OR, including all of our Seattle Spokane’s routes and the surrounding regional rural area.
  • Different speeds of delivery ranging from Emergency and STAT to Routine. Each of our vehicles can be equipped with coolers that can keep specimens at almost any temperature the client desires or refrigerated. With these features we have the capability of handling even the most fragile of cargoes including blood products, temperature specific specimens and organs that are being shipped for life-saving transplant surgeries.
  • All of Regional drivers are HIPAA and OSHA certified and are compliant with all federal and state government statutes. They have received extensive HAZMAT training and can handle any type of emergency. Every vehicle in our fleet has both spill kits and medical gloves readily available. The importance of being certified by both HIPAA and OSHA is two fold. First, it ensures that our drivers have the skills and knowledge to handle any emergency situation. Secondly, it offers our clients the peace of mind of knowing that their packages are as secure and safe as possible, no matter what circumstances they will be traveling under. A good example of this is when Regional Courier Services is hired to carry a transplant organ. A healthy organ only has a specific amount of time that it will remain viable and suitable for use as a transplant. Our drivers understand that a transplant organ is not only time sensitive, it is also life saving. That is why we train each of our drivers to operate any vehicle, under any conditions and circumstances. Our dedication to provide the fastest, most efficient delivery is what makes our company so successful. We do what it takes and don’t stop until everything has been taken care of from ordering to the sending of the signature confirmation.Our drives are trained to be effective and efficient drivers, in addition to keeping concise and highly detailed notes. These notes always contain the chain of custody of a package, as well as any re-portable incidences that occurred during its transport. We scrutinize and test each driver over and over again to make sure they are in complete compliance, not only with our standards, but also those of the government and the client we are working for. To be successful, we expect each of our drivers to focused on their job and able to give 110% to each client and their respective delivery.

Washington’s Most Respected Orthopedic Delivery Carrier

Regional Courier Services is a Medical Courier Deliveries is used by top of the line orthopedic manufacturers to deliver their products to wherever they are needed. A few of the companies we serve include:

  • Regional Courier Services Depuy – (a Johnson & Johnson Company: Depuy trusts Regional Courier Services more than other any other courier company in WA state to carry their precious cargo.
  • Regional Courier Services Wright Medical
  • Regional Courier Services Stryker Orthopedics

Computerized Real Time Tracking

Regional Courier Services use digital tracking devices to ensure each package gets to where it is going to, as well as into the hands of the person to which it belongs. GPS, digital bar codes and scanners help to ensure complete confidentiality and privacy. It also allows us to know where every package is from pick up to delivery.

Dependable Personnel

All of our drivers were uniforms so they are easily identified. Our drivers are employees of the company. There are no independent contractors at our facility. Each on of our drivers works in the office from time to time to ensure they know every part of the delivery business. Regional Courier Services llc offers their employees ongoing training session to ensure they are up to date on the newest forms of technology and ethics. All of our employees are trained to provide personalized, professional care while maintaining a high level of respect.

If you have an important medical delivery that must be on time, call Regional Courier Services to schedule a pick up time. Our staff will take care of everything by setting up an account for you with manageable billing cycles. Our customized routes will make sure package is secured and delivered in a short amount of time.